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The Good News: The Original Status Update

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“The next day the great crowd that had come for the festival heard that Jesus was on his way to Jerusalem. They took palm branches and went out to meet him, shouting, “Hosanna!”, “Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord!”, “Blessed is the king of Israel!”Now the crowd that was with […]

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Lessons from Haiti - Part One

Lessons from Haiti

I am still reflecting on my trip to Haiti and God is still revealing things to me about the trip. Yet one of the first lessons I learned was one I thought I already knew- how to serve with humility.

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A Living Witness

Serving on the Mission Field

When Christ told the Disciples that they would serve as a witness for Him in Jerusalem (in their backyard) and to the ends of the earth, He was not just speaking of those men. He was speaking of all of those who would live and serve Him.
Just because many may identify themselves as a Christian, do not think the mission field has disappeared.

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Our Responsibility

The Devotional I Didn't Want To Write

Instead, those who are followers of Christ have been told specifically that we are to
1) Go and make disciples;
2) Teach Christ’s commands for observance;
3) Be both a preservative salt of the truth of God’s word and be a light to the world that showcases God; and perhaps the hardest of all
4) To Correct (gently) our fellow man who is not living according to God’s Word.

So, my fellow Brothers and Sisters of Christ: Do not be afraid to speak against sin in any format, but as you do speak, do it in love. We will be held accountable for what we speak just as others will be held accountable for what they receive.

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In the Darkest Hour the SON Shines

That’s what He told me. Those were the very words whispered to my spirit and with those words; He took me to the cross. He took me to Jesus. It may look like all doors were closed on Good Friday. Jesus hung on a cross accused, beaten, and broken. Dead. Yet when death occurred, when everything looked to be over and done with, that is when the Son did His greatest work.

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Besides Every Man

His Choice

A man can choose the woman that will support and uplift him, as well as guide and advise them in Godly decisions. Or a man can choose a woman that is manipulating, divisive, and disdains the Word of God. The influence of a woman is powerful in a man’s life and whichever type they choose; it is a reflection of them

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Martha, Martha... When will we learn?

Growing your relationship with Christ

The prayers and the bible study that you did last week or even last year will not get you through today. A relationship with Christ takes time spent daily… Christ understood that when we don’t slow down to be in His presence, our days become fruitless instead of fruitful.

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I think I'm better than you...

Christian Hypocrisy

I think I’m better than you…I think I clean up more than you…I think I work harder than you…I think I am holier than you…I think I am… How many of us can honestly say that we think that about ourselves in some context? Be it in our marriages, family, and place of employment or otherwise? It’s the dirty little truth that no one wants to admit.I have come to the conclusion that many of us struggle with the “better than” syndrome. Myself included.

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Unlimited and Unstoppable

Mission trip to the Gambia

The biggest misconception you can have about going on a mission trip is that you are going to minister to other people. Yes you do minister to others and share the gospel, but it is what you receive in return that is truly life altering. There is nothing more humbling than realizing that you are “richer” than those who you deem to help, but actually are poorer in joy and spirit.

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