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To assist with this endeavor, I have asked many individuals of faith, who themselves have had various struggles, to act as an intercessor as well; The Great Is team. Your prayers will be held in the strictest confidence and it is my wish that you know, somewhere, God has appointed someone to pray for you.

Select an e-mail address below to submit your prayer request or use the form.  Each e-mail address is monitored by a dedicated and committed Intercessor to that specific area. Prayers may be submitted anonymously or with identifying information.  As we are prayerful for you, please continue to trust in the Lord and remain in prayer as well.

  • marriage@greatis.org
  • faith@greatis.org
  • single@greatis.org
  • healing@greatis.org
  • stewardship@greatis.org
  • general@greatis.org