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Say What God Says

This week starts our New Year: New You series. Resolution #1: Say What God Says.

I’ve been dealing with a health issue for several years. In 2013, I learned that God does not want me (us) to suffer… from anything, let alone a physical ailment! I’ve been reading a devotional, Give Me 40 Days of Healing by Freeda Bowers. In it she shares scriptures that have shown me that God did not mean for sickness or disease to touch His people. Jesus’ death and resurrection assures us of God’s promise for healing and divine health…

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2015: New Year, New You


2015…A new year! Time to wipe the slate clean, leave old bad habits behind and step into new better ones. For most of us the start of a new year brings New Year’s resolutions. We resolve to live a better life than we lived the previous year. Nothing is off limits! Bad eating habits…gotta go! Spending too much money…gotta go! Procrastinating on important tasks…gotta go! Not opening the Bible…gotta go!

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