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Moving With All Haste

“GO therefore and MAKE disciples of all the nations…” Matthew 28:19

Did you know that Jesus’ last commandment was for us to GO and MAKE? He didn’t give parameters to follow; he didn’t tell us how to make, nor did He even tell us where to go. Yet thousands of years later His life is the source of my life because somebody acted and went.

A few months back I watched the movie, Blind Side. Despite the feel good impression, it left me with a question that has haunted me ever since. What would my life be if I didn’t doubt, but immediately – with all haste or sometimes thought – moved and acted when God told me to act?  I am not talking about looking back on my life seeing regrets, missed
opportunities, and asking the “what if” question either. But serious consideration as to how submitted my (our) minds are to Christ.  When issues related to career, family, personal health, etc. come up,  I act without hesitation and move at a moment’s notice if I hear God’s voice.  Yet in my past ministry and personal relationships, this has not always
been the case.

Instead, I am often seized by self-doubt.  I second guess if I am doing or saying the right thing; many times talking myself out of God’s anointing and perfect will.  Yes, God’s will WILL be done, but which will is that? Do I want to live in God’s perfect will or His permissive will? The answer for each of us, presumably, is His perfect will.  But you cannot do that without first, knowing and recognizing His voice. We learn to distinguish His voice by spending time with Him.  Once you recognize His voice, the next step is to stop trying to out-think God. Yes, I said it. Our tendency to out-think God (which is rooted in unbelief) often goes unrecognized.  We out-think God by focusing on our plan, instead of HIS plan.  We focus on the “how to” of a task versus the “what to.”  Before Moses demanded the freedom of the Israelites from Egypt, he argued with God concerning his own limitations and capabilities, focusing on the “how to”.  Yet he failed to understand he was speaking to the limitless God and all he needed to know was the “what to”…deliverance from Egypt.

We out-think God by thinking our way is better; doubting He would ever call US to do the task He has lead us to perform. We think, surely the Master did not call such a broken, rusty, and damaged tool as ourselves. Well guess what?  The God we serve can and does. The only thing He asks is the will to do, go, make, and serve.

I am one of the most powerful creatures walking the planet.  How do I know this? According to 2 Corinthians 12:9-10 , His strength is made perfect in my weakness. His strength…my weakness.  His strength…your weakness.  What kind of life would I have if I acted and moved without haste or doubt when I heard the voice of God? I don’t know, those times have past. What kind of life WILL I have when I act and move without hast or doubt when I hear the voice of God? I am about to find out.  I invite you to recognize the power within yourself and find out too.

If you are facing a decision or often feel as if you can’t make up your mind, I invite you to pray and submit your thoughts to God. God can not use a double-minded person who is full of doubt. Next, if you need someone to stand in the gap with you in prayer, the Great Is Team will stand with you and are honored to intercede on your behalf with the Lord.




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