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Relinquishing Control

...to God

I am the vine, you are the branches; he who abides in Me and I in him, he bears much fruit, for apart from Me you can do nothing. (John 15:5 NASB)

Every time I think I hear or read a sermon title that I think I don’t need, God says, “Yes you do!” Have you ever felt like that? That every sermon, every gospel song is reflective of your life? It’s rather humbling and unsettling at the same time. To always have an issue, to always need God. These sermon, conversations, scriptures are all examples of God’s daily reminder that I don’t have it all together. That I need Him even when I do not think I do.

Reliance on God is a daily task. Daily recommitment reminds us that each day is truly a new day. A new chance to follow Christ. A new day to relinquish what little control we think we have to Him. I’ve learned that bowing daily to God, allowing the Holy Spirit to guide me is a key to victory over whatever issue He brings to mind. Beth Moore, a Christian author, wrote “Cease trying to ‘get yourself together’ and be disciplined in your own strength. It is useless.” Her words ring true for my life. Each time I think I’ve got it together I backpedal.

I’ve written before about my moments of doubt related to my job as a professor, but I have never wavered on my belief that God placed me in my department. As a result, I believe that everything I do is part of the purpose He has for me. So, when I have moments when I procrastinate, or do not do what I know I’m supposed to do, I know I’m disappointing God. Usually, afterward I feel guilty and tell myself to “Get it together!” That works until the next time I don’t feel like reading, writing, grading, or fill in the blank with whatever other task I should complete regularly. This was a cycle for me, until I read Beth Moore’s words.

I realized that asking Him daily to help me accomplish what He would have for me to do that day is a necessity. I cannot achieve what He would have me achieve, at the level of excellence He requires without His power. The relinquishing of the illusion of control is not for God. It’s for me. It’s a testament of my faith. It’s a reminder that when I allow God to have control, my life can be used to glorify Him. When this happens, I’m way more effective in my job; I’m a better spouse, a better friend, better at everything than when I try to do it on my own.

God wants to fill us with power, to carry out His purposes for our lives. We only have to invite Him in. What area do you need God to touch? Have you invited Him today to have His way with your life?