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Life is about Choices

Scripture: I Kings 18:21

21 Elijah went before the people and said, “How long will you waver between two opinions? If the LORD is God, follow him; but if Baal is God, follow him.” But the people said nothing.

I have been reading about Elijah, the Old Testament prophet, and it has been very interesting.  Elijah had a single minded commitment to God through various trials and tribulations.  I Kings and II Kings chronicles Elijah’s life.  He was an instrument of God during some very difficult times/situations.  God sent him as a prophet during the times of King Ahab and his wife Jezebel.  He would pronounce a drought on the land that would last three years; he spoke against Jezebel acting in the Kings name and killing Naboth for his land; and he spoke against the worship of idols and gods.  But that’s not what makes this story so personal to me at this time; what makes it personal is that he made a conscious decision to follow God and Jezebel/Ahab made a conscious decision to act against God and His prophet.

Life is all about choices.

Today, my mood is not the best, not the best by a LONG shot.  It’s only 10 days into the new year and I have had to deal with issues that will affect me seriously financially (and it’s not even about my addiction to shopping that’s caused this or me mismanaging money), I have had to deal with disappointment, I have had to deal with the fact that I am currently waiting on my grandfather to die.  Today, I have had to deal with 4 separate incidents today at work.  ALL of which has made me want to go off on someone and mind you I got to work at 10 am (late) and it’s now only 1:30.  And I am not the only person…  I know at least 2 of you on here that has had to deal with SERIOUS illness in your parents, 1 who has had a sick grandmother, not to mention all of the other hurts, disappointments, etc. that we all have dealt with.

But, life is about choices.

Elijah chose to follow God, despite persecution from the King, despite feeling alone, depressed, etc.  Let’s not forget how Jezebel and King Ahab chose to defy God, despite how many times God warned them, gave them second and third chances.  More importantly, they chose to defy God’s prophet IN SPITE of the demonstration of God’s power.  I mean, God caused a drought for three years, caused a fire to consume Elijah’s burnt offering before their eyes, and then made it rain.  He even spoke the death of over 100 men and slain over 450 false prophets.  I mean, I have gotten some clues before that I have ignored…  But…

Life is about choices.

My point, each day, I choose what I will do.  Each day, I choose how I will react to whatever new is brought my way.  I was asked in December by a good friend about my faith and how/why I view life as I do.  My faith and my walk are built around a choice.  The other night, someone told me that my good mood was depressing sometimes.  I told him I struggle and have hurts, disappointments just like him.  That I have bad days and am depressed and feel like life has kicked me at my lowest; that even though I have those moments and have lived through those days, that for some reason, I can never stay that way for long.  He said “good for you”.  I take it not everyone is like that.

But, everyone has a choice.  So, today and for this year…in all that you do, remember it’s a choice.  Every thought, every action, every reaction is a choice.  I hope you choose wisely.



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